HBO CE iPhone application

HBO CE iPhone application

The services of the HBO Central-European webpage can be available from your iPhone mobile as well.

Name: HBO CE
Type: Entertainment
Download: iTunes download
Project: IPDS2006 Kft developer, Attila Farkas project manager, Mornailla László iphone developer, HBO design

The application of HBO consists of seven basic screens from which you can choose with the help of the buttons lying on the bottom. These buttons are rolling. When you twist the gadget the application also twists . However, for using the application you need internet connection.

Main Page:
You can browse the top news of HBO as well as its articles, interviews and read many other interesting information. Choosing one article the whole context is readable.


List of films:

Listing the films according to their titles and categories. Choosing one film, the film itself appears on the page on which you can read useful information about the it. Moreover, you can put one of the screening times in your reminder and you can also watch pictures, videos and make comments on them.(you can read about making comments later)

List of programmes:
The list of programmes on HBO can be seen in a given language. The day and the channel can be chosen. Based on what your option is the programmes will be listed. A tiny picture appears that is about the recently running programme. The following broadcasts can be put in your reminder. Choosing one programme, the film appears on the descriptive screen.

The content of HBO(films, articles) can be searched. Choosing one content, the given screen is set up, on which you can read some extra information.

The list of notifications. There is a possibility to delete a programme from your list or change its state. On- means you need some notification; Off- means you do not need any. Below, you can choose from some grouping possibilities. Under the setting you can set the time when you would like to be alarmed before the films starts.


List of videos:

Videos and film trailers can be viewed. A given video has to be marked and then it starts to play.

Making Comments:
To make a comment- to like or dislike something- you need to enter. It is enough to use the application once when you make the access. To access to the HBO webpage you need both your user name and your password. Supposing, you do not posses the necessary data, you can register on the webpage of HBO.

The notification passes through the server of the apple Push Notification that does not guarantee that your notification will arrive!

Supported languages:

  • Hungarian
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian